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A CSA is like going to the gym... but better!

I know!! Its hard to put down money now, for something that doesn't show up until later, but since the first month of the new year has just rolled by and I'm certain one or two of you bought a freshly minted gym membership you know the results take some time (and some seriously hard work)!

Purchasing a Flower Subscription or CSA in February may seem like a long time to go without seeing a return but believe me, you will SEE some amazing results (at least flower wise) come July and without any muscle hurts along the way.

Just like a beach body, the work needs to start in the winter. In December I wrap up the final projects from the previous year and I start planning (like a workout plan) what next year has in store. Its a time to really get nitty gritty, to look back and see what worked well, and quite frankly what didn't work at all. Once all the data is gathered, I'm able to decide if I want to try those 'tricky workouts' aka hard to start seeds again or if I want to try something new. Just like trying a barre class for the first time a new seed can present some incredible new challenges but also some amazing results. If I decide to take the gamble and order new varieties, I pay for those tiny seed packs of promise all upfront in January.

This my friend is where you come in. Yellow Brick Flowers goes through several months without steady income. During this time though the business pays for new seed, flower sleeves, necessary equipment replacements and upgrades. It is also the time to invest in the future by purchasing perennial plants like roses and filler shrubs. Again, we think of the beach body we will have in June just like we imagine the tiny seeds will be amazing flowers in July.

So, make the investment now for a beautiful flower filled summer. Choose to bring a CSA Subscription into your home or workplace. There are several subscription options to choose from on the shop page and you can’t go wrong with a single one

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