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Bring the outdoors inside. A Yellow Brick flower subscription allows you to enjoy sustainably grown fresh cut flowers all summer. Sweet smelling and long lasting, the flowers in our arrangements and buckets are harvested with love from our Melbourne farm. A bouquet subscription will have your home or office filled with beauty.

Yellow Brick Flowers is offering several subscription options for 2020 and we can’t wait to share the beauty of our guaranteed fresh product. A bucket for the creatives or a bouquet for the romantic, there is something for everyone. Memberships are transferable and can easily be shared with family and friends. Spaces are limited for the season, so sign up today!


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system for growing and distributing produce (or flowers) directly from producer to consumer. When you purchase a flower subscription from Yellow Brick you are buying a “share” of the flowers produced on the farm this summer. Purchasing a subscription early in the year is the best way to help the farm thrive. It is in the late winter months that farmers have to pay for seeds, bulbs and tubers that are the base for all of our bouquets in the upcoming season. The upfront costs comes at a time when no other source of revenue is coming from the farm. When you participate early and buy a CSA you are helping to generate income so we can build the best blooms all season long! 

This year Yellow Brick is offering several different subscription options, many choices for those wanting arrangements and one option for bucket subscriptions.

Yellow Brick Flowers

In December of 2016 we moved into the yellow brick house. By February, I was over a winter that offered nothing but grey days and rain. I needed a tease of summer and I needed it immediately. Since a trip down south was out of the question, I turned to the little green house in the back yard. That little glass house started more vegetable plants than we could dream of using, but it also started flowers. By July, I found my vegetable patch overrun with flowers. I couldn’t walk by a seed rack without picking up a packet and the more I planted the more I fell in love with the blooms. I spent the spare moments of my summer almost entirely in the garden or arranging bouquets to give away. There is nothing like the way a person lights up when receiving a fresh bouquet.

As the last of the garden was taken by frost and winter set in, I couldn’t get the flowers out of my head. The result of this constant swirl of blooms is Yellow Brick Flowers. As we grow through this journey I hope you will come along for the ride. 

The earth laughs in flowers. We hope you enjoy the beauty we share through our photos and arrangements.


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